Stewardship is indeed a monumental word. Love, devotion, service, worship, kindness, willingness, action, and helping are just some of the words that complement it. They also appropriately describe what so many of our parishioners offer St. Peter’s Church. Without good stewardship, St. Peter’s could not continue to be the vibrant, beloved parish it is to so many.

Become a St. Peter’s Steward

  • Become Involved: Link to our Parish Ministries page to learn all about the many ministry opportunities available at St. Peter’s Church.
  • Pray for St. Peter’s Parish: Learn more on our Liturgy & Prayer page.
  • Become a Member: Receive weekly envelopes.
  • Set up Automatic Withdrawal of your Contributions: A process that withdraws a pre-set amount of money from your bank account, either once or twice a month. Contact Patti at [email protected] or 612-767-1782 for more information.
  • Setup a Legacy Grant: Contact Mike at [email protected] or 612-866-5089 for more information.
  • Make a One Time Donation: Mail a check to: Church of Saint Peter, 6730 Nicollet Ave South, Richfield, MN 55423 or contact Patti at 612-767-1782 or [email protected] to make a credit card donation.
  • Support our 75th Anniversary Celebration.
  • 75th Anniversary Angel list

Stewardship Materials