Parish Pastoral Council

St. Peter’s PPC serves as an advisory board to the pastor in setting direction and decision-making for the parish. It works to bring our parishioners’ vision into clear focus and guides implementation of our long range goals. Membership is limited to nine. Members are elected in June for a three-year term beginning in September and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Officers serve one-year terms. Meetings are determined at the first meeting of the year and are open to the parish. All committees and groups at St. Peter’s fall under the vision of the PPC. To learn more, please contact the parish office at 612-866-5089 or General Email.

Current Parish Pastoral Council Members:

    • John Rimstad
    • Bernadette Sura
    • Joanne Foley
    • Casey Martin
    • Simon Anani
    • Father Jerry


  • Leon Grahn
  • Trisha Hartle

Newest Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

Parish Psstoral Council Minutes – 11/14/2019
Pqrish Pastoral Council Minutes – 10-1-/2019
Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – 5/16/2019
Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – 3/21/2019
Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – 2/21/2019
Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – 1/16/2019