The Administrative Commission services the necessary and practical needs of our parish. To get involved in any of the following ministries or committees, please contact the parish office at 612-866-5089.

Bulletin Stuffers

This group gathers after Friday morning Mass at 8:30am in room B to put inserts into the Sunday bulletin and other office projects. Enjoy coffee, doughnuts and great conversation—all are welcome.

Calendar Clubs

Calendar Clubs are formed separately and complete at least one service project for the parish every year. A number of clubs are also involved in community service projects and new clubs may be formed at any time.

Communications Committee

St. Peter’s has a Communications Committee to assist parish groups to “get word out” regarding special church events, meetings and ministries. Just as soon as you are ready to set a date and start planning your meeting or event, be sure to contact the parish office. By keeping the office informed, bulletin, pulpit and reader board announcements will be crafted (as needed) and outside media and surrounding churches and schools will be notified. If you are in need of additional ideas, new creative thoughts, or other assistance to help you promote and publicize your event, the St. Peter’s Communications Committee is available to support you. Remember that to be most effective the committee needs as much lead time as possible. For more information please call the Parish office at 612-866-5089.

Endowment Committee

This group meets three times per year to make recommendations and predictions based on our legal documents about how much money is available from our endowment proceeds to use for parish needs. Their recommendations go to the Finance and Pastoral Councils, who decide how the funds will be used. The pastor invites members of the parish whose talents are appropriate and who have a genuine interest in parish life to serve on this committee. For more information please contact Deacon Mark at 612-866-5089.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee inspects the parish plant and grounds for maintenance and repair needs both immediate and long-range. The committee is accountable to the Finance Committee and is supervised by the Business Administrator. Membership consists of two full-time maintenance employees and parish volunteers. Any pari