July 7, 2021

Synod small groups

Dear Parishioners,

These past couple weeks, I have mentioned in my homilies how excited I am about the small groups that will be meeting in every parish throughout the archdiocese as part of the Synod. These groups will meet for eight weeks from September through November, but it is my hope that they can be a kick-start to an ongoing small group ministry in our three parishes.

The Synod small groups already have their format and topics laid out: how to make our parishes more evangelizing, how to keep our young people in the Church, and how to be authentic missionary disciples. After that, though, we will be free to choose our topics and reflection materials as we strive to grow in discipleship together.

Bishop Cozzens recently wrote about the importance of small groups in his own life, saying he would meet regularly with a group “who prayed together, shared faith and struggles, and supported, encouraged and challenged each other as they sought to grow in the Christian life.” We all need a group of people who know us better than most, and who are invested in walking together on the path of discipleship. It is amazing to be a part of a global Church, where we can go practically anywhere in the world and find a local parish to celebrate the sacraments, but we can’t go to the entire Church when we need to talk or find support. Small groups help us engage with the Church in a way that is more personal.

This is a great opportunity for growth, in our archdiocese and our parishes. Please pray for the success of the Synod, and pray for the success of our small group ministry, that they will bear fruit in helping us grow as disciples.

Fr. Liekhus


June 25, 2021


Through prayerful discernment, the Parish Council and Fr. Liekhus have decided upon Mass schedules for the three churches of Assumption, St. Peter and St. Richard. Please click below to read letters from Fr. Liekhus which explain the factors that went into determining the new Mass schedules.