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One of the most important gifts we can share with the world around us is our faith in Jesus Christ. While this invitation from God may be simple and straightforward, living out this faith in today’s world is challenging and complex. May God bless all of the ways in which you choose to live out your baptismal call.

What’s Happening at St. Peter’s Church

The Dynamics of Sex Trafficking in 2017

On Tuesday, November 21, Terry Forliti, Executive Director of Breaking Free, a non-profit organization working with victims and survivors of sex trafficking and prostitution, spoke to a group of about 65 attendees in the social hall of St. Peter’s Church. It was a moving and impactful talk, with insight into the lives of sex trafficking victims, and how this type of modern day slavery is occurring under our noses in our community – especially important, given the influx of people expected during this year’s SuperBowl.

Learn more at Breaking Free
and Terry Forliti, Executive Director of Breaking Free

Terry Forliti related stories of sex trafficking victims, how they were enslaved, and their efforts to break free from a life of drugs, alcohol, abuse, and entrapment.

Special thanks to Sr. Rita Worm, Joan Schickert and Sr. Martha Wiegand (shown with Terry Forliti) for organizing this impactful event.